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Atlas Publishing Lab.

Atlas Publishing Lab is a publishing community based in Istanbul. It was founded in January 2022 to build a vivid and dynamic community in book publishing and digital publishing to create book projects and explore new ways of production. We provide a wide range of publishing services with a main focus on nonfiction manuscript projects: We represent foreign titles here in Turkey and serve as a primary agent for authors. We coordinate editorial projects, commission book projects, and build a community of translators and editors.

We organize events, talks, seminars, book launches, and interviews with writers, translators, editors, and academics from Turkey and abroad to promote published works, provide a platform for interaction, and grow a web of ideas. You can learn more about the authors, translators, editors, and publishers with whom we collaborate, about a selection of titles we represent, and about the details of other projects we work on by visiting our website.

If you are a translator, author, editor or publisher interested in being represented by Atlas or creating publishing projects and events with Atlas;

If you are a publisher looking for a copy editor, proofreader, or translator for a specific project;

If you are reader who want to share the topics and books you find remarkable in the nonfiction field;

If you are someone willing to work in publishing and looking for a community to gain professional experience;

Please share your projects, ideas, questions, and suggestions!


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