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Çetin Balanuye


Balanuye is a lecturer at the Philosophy Department of Akdeniz University. He completed his BA at the Middle East Technical University, in the field of Psychological Counselling. Balanuye holds two Master's degrees, the first of which he received at METU, in the sociology of education, and the second at the University of London, in the philosophy of education. He received his PhD from the Department of Philosophy at METU. Balanuye, who has published several academic and popular works on a minor tradition developed by Spinoza-Nietzsche-Deleuze within the framework of the thought of “immanence” in philosophy, is also the author of Spinoza: Bir Hakikat İfadesi [Spinoza: An Expression of Truth]. His previous book, Spinoza'nın Sevinci Nereden Geliyor?: Reddedilemeyecek Bir Felsefi Teklif [Where Does Spinoza’s Joy Come From?: An Irrefutable Philosophical Proposal] appeared in 2017, become one of the most popular books in its field, and is still a bestseller.  The first book of his “Naturans” trilogy, which questions the possibilities of a new ontology, was published in 2020 as Naturans I: Towards a New Ontology, and the second book, Naturans II: The New Ethics and Politics, was published in 2022. His latest book that he wrote in English, Orange Fragments: To Read and Contemplate in a Sunny Day, will be published by TP London very soon.



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  • a book of maps or charts: a road atlas 

  • a book of illustrations or diagrams on any subject

  • Anatomy the topmost vertebra of the backbone, articulating with the occipital bone of the skull.

  • Architecture a stone carving of a male figure, used as a column to support the entablature of a Greek or Greek-style building.

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