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Naturans 2: The New Ethics and Politics

Çetin Balanuye



128 pages, 2022, Ayrıntı

This book invites all of us to a completely unprejudiced new thinking about “ethics” and “politics” in the context of Power Ontology, which Balanuye outlines in the first book of the Naturans trilogy: “It is a possible but difficult, laborious but hopeful path that requires reconsidering many of our basic assumptions”.

Naturans 2 describes the unsustainable picture created in the 21st century by the established assumptions of “subject”, “ethics” and “politics” in which our current conceptual schemes are at work. It detects the errors of the long philosophical background that prepared this picture. Balanuye argues that this long tradition, which has a transcendent, anthropocentric, and cosmic teleological ontology at its source, has completely lost its ability to accompany immanent reality. It opens for discussion the idea of a new Agonistic Democratic Socialism that requires radically abandoning the grammar of neoliberal hegemony.

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