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Sona Ertekin


Sona Ertekin was born in Erzincan in 1977 and grew up in Ankara. Deep into writing ever since she learned to read, Sona Ertekin followed a career based on words and began to write for printed media in her college years where she studied American Culture and Literature at Hacettepe University and then completed the M.A. program in Cinema-TV at Istanbul Bilgi University. 

She took her first copywriting position at Link-McCann Erickson in 2001. After many years as a writer for both mainstream and underground media and as a radio producer for Turkey’s most renowned indie radio station Açık Radyo, she edited a high-volume corporate history book for radio and in 2008 took the noble path of freelancing.

She travelled the tropical and mountainous regions of Southeast Asia for several years while working as a freelance translator and wrote travel articles for Aktüel magazine under the title "Letters from Sona". As an avid scuba, freediving, yoga and modern dance enthusiast, she performed as a Psychedelic Trance DJ for 10 years until she retired from raves.

Apart from her localization work, she translated books like Waiting for the Barbarians (Müge Gürsoy Sökmen, Başak Ertür – with Doğan Şahiner, 2010), Sociology Through the Projector (Bülent Diken & Carsten Bagge Laustsen, 2010), Even Cowgirls Get The Blues(Tom Robbins, 2012), How to Shoplift Books (David Horvitz, 2020) and The Art of Living (Thich Nhat Hanh, 2024).

Sona Ertekin’s first novel, Journey to the Center of the Fault (Can Yayınları/Mundi) debuted in 2019 and her second novel Everything is Dancing (Everest Yayınları) was published in 2024.

She is married and lives in the south coast of Turkey as the second mother of a wonderful young boy called Rüzgâr. Besides translating, she writes cultural and literary articles for K24 and various other cultural platforms. Freediving whenever she gets the chance, she’s into creating healthy & delicious recipes and also moonlights as a pole dancing instructor.



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