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Where Does Spinoza's Joy Come From?: A Philosophical Proposal That Cannot Be Rejected

Çetin Balanuye


Narrative Non-fiction, Philosophy

160 pages, Ayrıntı

More than 20,000 copies sold.

English sample available.

‘This is a book in which philosophy speaks from the very centre of life. The elegance of a clear mind with its incredible simplicity. Frankly, I have never read a book in which Spinoza is so beautifully described.’

- Dr. Saffet Murat Tura, Psychiatrist, Writer

‘What does it mean to be transformed into joy? Human beings react emotionally to every event, with some events upsetting and some uplifting them... Is it ever possible to be joy all the time, to become joy, to be nothing but joy, or to remain in joy?

If, at first glance, you have the impression that you are reading yet another one of those “self-help” books that are not really expected to deliver what they promise, do not jump to any such conclusion. Without ceasing to take your impression seriously, delay your judgment for a while. I do not claim to be a writer who can provide the only cure for our deep-rooted misery; rather, I do want to use and capitalize on the wisdom of philosophy, which rewards only those who work hard enough for it. But I do not want to scare my readers prematurely by saying so. If you are going to miss any occasion for feeling joy while reading this book, put it down immediately and seize the opportunity. But if you are experiencing a typical emotion, neither joy nor pain, on an ordinary day, stay with me to the very end. Perhaps along the way, we will be able to feel joy and become joy.’

‘Çetin Balanuye, by interpreting a great philosopher like Spinoza in a competent and original way, explains how life can be transformed into joy and happiness with simple tips. The author explains the difficult issues of philosophy in everyday language to the man in the street. An excellent book that every individual who is concerned about happiness should read.’

- Prof. Dr. Yasin Ceylan, Philosopher

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