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Soulful Spending: What Do You Truly Want To Buy?

Pınar Akıskalıoğlu


Narrative Non-fiction

Proposal available

Final MS: January 2024, 60.000 words

This book is a compelling call to action for those seeking to make a positive impact through their purchasing decisions.

We often find ourselves ensnared in a cycle of purchasing items that provide little nourishment for our inner selves. The ever-changing trends, societal pressures to conform, and the constant need to keep up transform the pleasure of ownership into a never-ending competition for social status.

What if, instead, we take a step back from this ceaseless pursuit and savour the act of selecting what genuinely resonates with us? What if we shift our focus from external influences to our inner desires when making choices about what to possess? What if the consumer journey transforms into a celebration of each person's distinct individuality?

This book meets readers wherever they are in their journey towards conscious consumption. Without passing judgment, the author explores our relationship with purchasing and discusses how owning the 'right' things can enhance our well-being. It is time for humankind to replace tiring, unjust structures with virtuous, uplifting practices. This book provides a refreshing perspective and serves as a catalyst for this exciting, vital movement.

‘The prevalent narrative – excess consumption harms the planet, so let's consume less – is valid, but there's a pressing need to understand our journey to this point and the advantages brought by our current economic structure. Rather than reacting with fear and anger, we should build on the elements within the system that work and progressively advance from there by using our creative nature.’

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