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The Story of Tutankhamun: An Intimate Life of the Boy who Became King // Garry J. Shaw

The Story of Tutankhamun: An Intimate Life of the Boy who Became King // Garry J. Shaw

208 pages, 2022, Yale UP

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A lively new biography of Tutankhamun—published for the hundredth anniversary of his tomb’s modern discovery

The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 sparked imaginations across the globe. While Howard Carter emptied its treasures, Tut-mania gripped the world—and in many ways, never left. But who was the “boy king,” and what was his life really like?

Garry J. Shaw tells the full story of Tutankhamun’s reign and his modern rediscovery. As pharaoh, Tutankhamun had to manage an empire, navigate influential courtiers, and suffered the pain of losing at least two children—all before his nineteenth birthday. Shaw explores the boy king’s treasures and possessions, from a lock of his grandmother’s hair to a reed cut with his own hands. He looks too at Ankhesenamun, Tutankhamun’s wife, and the power queens held. This is a compelling new biography that weaves together intriguing details about ancient Egyptian culture, its beliefs, and its place in the wider world.

“Shaw’s compelling portrait of the young pharaoh in life and in death is based on the latest research and impeccable sources. Here we move far beyond Carter and Carnarvon into the life of the king himself. This brilliant achievement will appeal to anyone interested in archaeology and Ancient Egypt. A lovely book!”

—Brian Fagan

“A fascinating, up to date and superbly well-informed account of Egypt's most famous Pharaoh. Shaw has done a wonderful job.”

—Robert Twigger

“This exceptional account brings not only the reign of Tutankhamun back to life, it also shows the ruler in a new light, not only as king of ancient Egypt, but as a human being.”

—Christina Geisen

“Tutankhamun and his tomb have captured the hearts of all of us. His story contains the thrill of magic and curses. This book brings with it more magic with a new take on the time of the golden boy.”

—Zahi Hawass


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