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The No-Nonsense Sleep Book // Dr. Steven Laureys

The No-Nonsense Sleep Book // Dr. Steven Laureys

BORGERHOFF & LAMBERIGTS, 208 pages,  2022

English sample translation is available.

Science-Based Sleep Advice for Every Age and Every Problem

Sleep is possibly the most exciting phase our brain can find itself in. But why do we sleep? And perhaps even more importantly, why are we sometimes unable to sleep? World-renowned professor of neurology Steven Laureys delves into the sleeping brain and explains why a good night’s sleep is

so important, as well as what you can do to achieve better, deeper sleep.

For thousands of years, people have speculated on the phenomenon of sleep, but thanks to state-of-the-art scanning techniques we can now observe the brain even during sleep. These insights teach us a great deal about the different types of sleep and sleep problems.


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  • a book of maps or charts: a road atlas 

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