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The Beginnings of Philosophy: in Greece // Maria Michela Sassi

The Beginnings of Philosophy: in Greece // Maria Michela Sassi

2020, Bollati, 308 pages

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“Readers will come away with a much more nuanced understanding of the origins of philosophy in Greece and the many contributing factors.”

—David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer

“[Sassi’s] understanding of ancient societies and philological tradition will enrich how surveys of ancient philosophy are taught.”

—P.W. Wakefield, Choice Reviews

“Maria Michela Sassi's recent book Gli Inizi della filosofia: in Grecia is in my view among the most illuminating contributions to the much-debated topic of how, why and in what form the Greeks of the 6th and 5th centuries BC created philosophy. Its constructive blend of cultural history, anthropology and philosophical analysis makes it a particularly good text to think with. It is therefore regrettable, if also a sign of the times, that far too few Anglophone readers are familiar with it. An English translation is the obvious solution.”

—David Sedley


“This elegant study shows how a variety of historical, social, and cultural questions and factors eventually led to the formation of a new discipline called ‘philosophy’ in ancient Greece. Sassi displays an admirable blend of anthropological and philosophical sensitivity that is perfectly adapted to the subject and illuminates it in many new ways.”

—André Laks, author of The Concept of Presocratic Philosophy

“An erudite, balanced position ... in which the words that follow colons suggest a limitation (no Buddha, no prophets) and, at the same time, an overture, because Greece means Italy and Asia Minor – in short, the Mediterranean.”

Il Sole 24 Ore

“A most learned book, yet of an absorbing clarity.” 

—Simona Maggiorelli, Left

“Michela Sassi gives up every monocausal explanation and describes a scenario of “multiple” yet unanimous rationalities.”

—Federico Condello, il manifesto

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