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Surplus-Enjoyment: A Guide For The Non-Perplexed // Slavoj Žižek

Surplus-Enjoyment: A Guide For The Non-Perplexed // Slavoj Žižek

400 pages, 2022, Bloomsbury

Turkish rights sold.

#philosophy #excess #psychoanalysis #ecology #zizek

Is there any escape from the vicious cycle of surplus enjoyment or are we forever doomed to simply want more?

Contemporary life is defined by excess. There must always be more, there is never enough. We need a surplus to what we need to be able to truly enjoy what we have. Slavoj Žižek's guide to surplus (and why it's enjoyable) begins by arguing that what is surplus to our needs is by its very nature unsubstantial and unnecessary. But, perversely, without this surplus, we wouldn't be able to enjoy, what is substantial and necessary. Indeed, without the surplus, we wouldn't be able to identify what was the perfect amount.

Table of contents

Ouverture: Living In A Topsy-Turvy World

1. Where Is The Rift? Marx, Capitalism, And Ecology

2. A Non-binary Difference? Psychoanalysis, Politics, And Philosophy

3. Surplus-Enjoyment, Or, Why Do We Enjoy Our Oppression

Finale: Subjective Destitution As A Political Category



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