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Spartakus: The symbology of revolt // Furio Jes

Spartakus: The symbology of revolt // Furio Jes

160 pages, Bollati, 2022

#spartakus #revolution #revolt #myths #furiojesi

Foreign publishers: English (Seagull Books); World Spanish (Adriana Hidalgo); World French (Editions La Tempête / Le Chateau); Portuguese (Vasco Santos); Portuguese/Brazil (n-1 edicoes); Greek (Cultura Libertaria)

A new enlarged edition of one of the most brilliant essays on revolt ever written. A fulminating analysis based on notes hidden away for 30 years. The most important work by the great mythologist Furio Jesi, and one of his most effective narratives.

“The 30 years and more that have passed since the death of Jesi (1941-1980) have shown how political thinker whose studies and intellectual tools, interwoven in a philosophy of culture and writing, still adapt to our confused present-day reality.” 


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