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Social Digitalisation: Persistent Transformations Beyond Digital Technology // Kornelia Hahn

Social Digitalisation: Persistent Transformations Beyond Digital Technology // Kornelia Hahn

2021, Palgrave, 300 pages

#mediastudies #mediasociology #digitalisation #digitaltech #digitalsociology #digitalculture

Sets out a radical approach that shows how social processes of digitalisation preceded material digital technologies Explores the digitalisation of key settings in Modernity: the factory, the household, and the department store Will have interdisciplinary value for sociology, communications, and history scholars.

"In a theoretical and empirical tour de force, Kornelia Hahn demonstrates, contrary to the generally accepted view, that digitalization is neither something new nor is it limited to contemporary digital technology. Of key importance is her innovative theory of the relationship between social digitalization, the development of advanced digital culture, and the widespread increase in digital literacy."

—George Ritzer, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, USA

"Kornelia Hahn’s thought-provoking book has radically changed my view on digital transformation, offering a genuinely fresh sociological approach that turns prevailing views on their head. ‘Social Digitalisation’ exemplifies the power of cultural analysis at its best. "

 —Frank Welz, Former President of the European Sociological Association and Professor, University of Innsbruck, Austria

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