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Slow Philosophy: Reading Against the Institution // Michelle Boulous Walker

Slow Philosophy: Reading Against the Institution // Michelle Boulous Walker

2016, Bloomsbury, 336 pages

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"The real innovation of Boulous Walker's book is its understanding of philosophia - the love of wisdom - in terms of the love of reading. The point is not that philosophers do not read, or that they ought to read more, but that philosophy needs to rethink what it is to read, and to think carefully about what it is to read better. Hence the importance of slowness."

Los Angeles Review of Books

"Philosophy professes to think about thinking in its many forms. Michelle Boulous Walker shows how hard it is to do it, and the many ways contemporary academic philosophy betrays the obligation to do it. In this beautifully written book she teaches us how to read thoughtfully by her attentive reading of philosophers and writers both ancient and contemporary, who taught her how to do it... slowly. Seldom does a work of philosophy practice what it preaches in such an exemplary manner."

—Raimond Gaita

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