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Scent: The Forgotten Sensation // Frank Bloem

Scent: The Forgotten Sensation // Frank Bloem

Dutch. English sample translation is available.

Ten Have, 240 pages, 2022

#scent #smell #parfume

How does a perfumer work?

In this book, perfumer Frank Bloem explains the magical role

scents play in our lives. Some of our most core-defining

memories are linked to smells and scents. ŸThe power of scent is

linked to significant memories, and we can often smell whether

something or someone is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. In a very personal way,

based on the structure of a well-formulated perfume, Bloem

introduces us to the realm of scent. He also gives the reader an

insight into the world of the perfumer. How do they create a

perfume, and what is the meaning of the fragrance components

it contains?


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