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Revolutionary Fitness: Ancestral Lessons for a Wild Health // Marcos Vázquez Garcia

Revolutionary Fitness: Ancestral Lessons for a Wild Health // Marcos Vázquez Garcia

264 pages, Oberon, 5th edition

#health #fitness #ancientwisdom #diseases 

Civilization has a paradoxical relationship with health. While, on average, we live longer than ever before and our existence has gotten more comfortable over time, the advancement of technology has made it harder for people to live a healthy, active lifestyle. New technologies create new problems, giving rise to modern-age diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis and depression. We live longer but spend more time living with illness.

This book explains in detail how to avoid this sad fate. You’ll understand why genes hold the secret to shedding excess weight and which are modern life-styles aspects that contribute to modern-age diseases. Besides, you will become familiar with the traditions of the healthiest populations on the planet and learn how to apply their ancient wisdom to improve your current body. In a world full of myths and false promises, Revolutionary Fitness not only offers a scientific and global vision to eliminate those extra pounds but also to rest better and live with more energy.


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