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Resident Foreigners: A Philosophy of Migration // Donatella Di Cesare

Resident Foreigners: A Philosophy of Migration // Donatella Di Cesare

280 pages, Bollati, 2017

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We are all “resident strangers”.

The over 60 million refugees in the world are not an “emergency”. In fact, they represent a phenomenon shedding light on the meaning of the verb “to inhabit”.

In a philosophical-political essay written in a clear and effective style, which debunks the stereotype of autochthony, Donatella Di Cesare distances herself from the myth of Mother Nature and of jus soli: exile – and not rootedness – is for Di Cesare the hallmark of our existence.

“For the first time, Stranieri Residenti forces us to rethink the migration phenomenon, not only in the emergency context of today, but also on a more profound level.”

—Roberto Esposito, L’Espresso

“As Donatella Di Cesare’s beautiful book demonstrates, the migration phenomenon does not exclusively concern the political, sociological or journalistic spheres, but calls strongly for philosophical reflection.”

Il Sole 24 Ore

“An essential book on contemporary culture. Reading it helps us understand.” 

—Furio Colombo, Il Fatto Quotidiano

Foreign publishers: English (Polity Press), German (Matthes & Seitz), World Spanish (Amorrortu), Portuguese (Âyné), Finnish (niin & näin), Danish (Vandkunsten)

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