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Rent // Joe Collins

Rent // Joe Collins

2021, 160 pages, Polity Books

#rent #politicaleconomy #rentiercapitalism #inequalities

The problem of rent is at the root of vital social concerns in the twenty-first century, ranging from the climate emergency and spiralling economic inequality to the repercussions of global economic crises. But while many of us may be familiar with rent (especially paying it), how should we really understand it? Examining both concrete contexts and complex concepts, in this book Joe Collins provides a comprehensive but concise survey of the theories and debates over rent and rentier capitalism.

"From twenty-first-century techno-patents to landlord sex scams, rentier capitalism tightens its grip on everyday life. In this short book, Joe Collins unpacks the multiple meanings of rent as these evolved through traditional economics to contemporary political economy. A lucid and compassionate account."

Ariel Salleh, Global University for Sustainability, Hong Kong

"As rents become ever more important and rentiers become ever more powerful, this book provides an important theoretical underpinning to the idea of rent as a cause and consequence of monopoly. Contemporary capitalism cannot be understood without this."

Jayati Ghosh, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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