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Remember Me: The digital revolution between memory and oblivion // Davide Sisto

Remember Me: The digital revolution between memory and oblivion // Davide Sisto

2020, Bollati, 156 pages

Turkish rights sold.

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Rights licensed: W/English (Polity Press), Finnish (niin & näin)

Awarded the Premio Napoli 2020

“In Remember Me, Davide Sisto takes readers on a delightful journey through the annals of internet history. His deft theorizing of social media, past and present, reveals how digital media impact both intimate and collective relationships to time and memory.”

Tamara Kneese, University of San Francisco

“This book, as profound as it is readable, reflects upon the new ways of remembering and forgetting in the digital age. Ultimately, it is a salutary antidote to overblown talk about a magnificent and progressive future for total memory. It poses questions of pressing importance. (…) A book that deserves to be read.”

Il Sole 24 Ore

“[Remember me] is a highly serious  book of philosophy (…) [Sisto] once more reveals a penchant for taking us into complex speculative territories with inclusive language and a spirit that is more than ever “crossover”: he draws without prudery on Schelling, the likes of Derrida, Benjamin and Borges, and even the dystopias of Netflix.”

Il Venerdì, la Repubblica

“(…) between anecdotes and insightful reflections, between the dystopias of William Gibson, the admonitions of Jaron Lanier and the reflections of  innumerable philosophers and literati, from Goethe to Jacques Derrida, Sisto analyses how ‘social networks come across as experiments in collective cultural autobiography on the one hand and encyclopaedias of the dead 2.0-style on the other’, yet fail to fully identify with either.”


“With his work [Sisto] has been a trailblazer in Italy with regard to the topics of online grief and the new frontiers of immortality.”


“Here Sisto pursues his investigation of an ongoing anthropological mutation, focusing on the dialectic of memory and oblivion, of biological and digital identity.”


“Sisto reflects upon the effects that the massive accumulation of videos and images in the social media has on the relationship between memory and oblivion in each one of us.”

L’Osservatore romano

“The strings in philosopher Sisto’s bow extend beyond Plato and Derrida to include Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, Walter Benjamin and Starobinski, not to mention the TV series Black Mirror to trace the framework within which the challenges of the near future will be played out (…) with due scepticism, Sisto manages to conveythe significance of the ‘digital revolution between memory and oblivion’.”

Il Messaggero

“Once again Sisto proves himself to be a shrewd observer of human metamorphosis.”

Il Quotidiano del Sud

“Pages packed with suggestions and bibliographical references that investigate the “great collective cultural autobiography”.”

Il Messaggero


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