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Morning with Body and Soul: Guidance in the Event of Bereavement // Klaus Onnasch, Ursula Gast

Morning with Body and Soul: Guidance in the Event of Bereavement // Klaus Onnasch, Ursula Gast

2020, 200 pages, Klett-Cotta, 6th edition

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Understand yourself better in grief

The book is the first bereavement support book that uses the findings of current neurobiological research to describe the exceptional state of body and psyche in this situation in a generally understandable way. From the knowledge of these processes, the authors derive numerous ways of dealing with them that have proven their worth in practice.

“This easy-to-read reference book is recommended without reservation for people who are grieving. It deserves the title expert guide. In addition, I recommend it to all those who are already involved in bereavement support and want to expand their knowledge to include the physical and mental components. It has proven to be particularly fruitful to include the latest neurobiological findings. Last but not least, the main aim of this book, to present the connection between body and soul in an understandable way, is also crucial for people who study to work as grief counsellors. Ursula Gast and Klaus Onnasch convey this basic concern authentically, based on their own well-reflected experiences and with a clearly appreciative view of grieving people and their resources in grief.”

Norbert Mucksch

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