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Manga: A Critical Guide // Shige (CJ) Suzuki and Ronald Stewart

Manga: A Critical Guide // Shige (CJ) Suzuki and Ronald Stewart

280 pages, Bloomsbury, 2022

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A wide-ranging introductory guide to the world of manga and Japanese comics, covering key themes, contexts and creators.

In an accessible and easy-to-navigate format, the book covers:

The history of Japanese comics, from influences in early visual culture to the global Manga Boom of the 1990s to the present

Case studies of texts reflecting the range of themes, genres, forms and creators, including Osamu Tezuka, Machiko Hasegawa and Katsuhiro Otomo

Key themes and contexts from gender and sexuality, to history and censorship

Critical approaches to manga, including definitions, biography and reception and global publishing contexts

The book includes a bibliography of essential critical writing on manga, discussion questions for classroom use and a glossary of key critical terms.

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