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Doing Good and Harm to Oneself: Philosophy of Conflict // Maxime Rovere

Doing Good and Harm to Oneself: Philosophy of Conflict // Maxime Rovere

2022, Flammarion, 272 pages

#ethics #philosophy #emotions #interaction #conflict

A masterful questioning of our flaws, our inadequacies and our ideals.

Human beings are smart enough to develop machines to explore Mars, but not smart enough to understand how and why a badly fitted lid can become a controversial issue. Exploring the conflict from every angle, this resolutely optimistic book can be summed up as follows: "No suffering is necessary, no suffering is free."

"A strong book that goes beyond the established classifications between psychology, philosophy, and personal development."


"Maxime Rovere takes the question of the conflict, which reveals our vulnerabilities, head on.


"A book full of analysis, life stories and wisdom.


"The philosopher opens the way to a depersonalization of events, a precious key to understanding the storms that fall on our noses, and avoid tipping over into blame."


"In his fascinating essay, the philosopher (...) shows that controversies, however painful, can also help us to move forward.



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