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Digital Labor // Kylie Jarrett

Digital Labor // Kylie Jarrett

2022, 240 pages, Polity Books

#digitallabor #mediastudies #gamelabor #freelabor #work #labor #sociology

Digital Labor critically examines the economics, politics, and experiences of workers in the new modes of employment. Using a novel definition of the term "digital labor," Kylie Jarrett explores unpaid user activity, platform-mediated gig work, and formal employment within the digital media industries, mapping the common features of these varied practices. Applying a critical Marxian lens, the book interrogates the structures of exploitation in this sector, the organisation of the labor process, the dynamics of alienation associated with this work, and the commodification of workers' lives. It also documents the struggle of digital laborers to resist the iniquities and inequalities of their working environments. Ultimately, the book identifies what is specific about this form of labor and, in doing so, offers insight into the nature of work as it is being reconstituted in digital capitalism.

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