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Cultural Histories of Ideas // Sophia Rosenfeld and Peter T. Struck

Cultural Histories of Ideas // Sophia Rosenfeld and Peter T. Struck

6 volumes, Bloomsbury

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Examines 2,800 years of ideas from a wide range of perspectives, including philosophy, religion, politics and art.

How has the nature of ideas evolved over time? How have they been influenced and received by different social and cultural conditions?

In a work that spans 2,800 years, these ambitious questions are addressed by 61 experts, each contributing their overview of a theme applied to a period in history. The volumes explore the development of ideas throughout Western society from a range of interdisciplinary angles, as well as their receptions and contexts.

The 6 volumes cover: 

1. Classical Antiquity (800 BCE - 500 CE); 

2. Medieval Age (500 - 1450); 

3. Renaissance (1450 - 1650) ; 

4. Age of Enlightenment (1650 - 1800); 

5. Age of Empire (1800 - 1920); 

6. Modern Age (1920 - 2000+).

Themes (and chapter titles) are: Knowledge; The Human Self; Ethics and Social Relations; Politics and Economies; Nature; Religion and the Divine; Language, Poetry and Rhetoric; The Arts; History

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